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Raised and processed using the highest standards we feature premium duck, goose, chicken & turkey. At Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, we believe in providing only the highest quality poultry for you, your family or your customers. We would be happy to provide more information or answer any questions! Please contact us.

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Fraser Valley Duck
Fraser Valley Duck

Try one of our many duck options including whole duck, duck breast, duck burgers patties, duck pepperoni and much more!

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Fraser Valley Goose
Fraser Valley Duck

Our delicious free range 'Grade A' and Christmas geese are humanely raised without any antibiotics or animal by-products.

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Yarrow Meadow Chicken
Fraser Valley Duck

Our Yarrow Meadow Organic Chicken is our newest and one of our most popular products.

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Other Products
Fraser Valley Duck

We carry a number of specialty products including turkey, eggs, live birds, balut, and a wide range of other options.

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