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“If you love what you do, then the love will come into the flavors and create the dish.”

– Connor Sperling, Chef de Partie, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar


Just as chefs create dishes inspired by their love of food, at Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, we bring you premium quality products driven by our passion for providing consumers with fresh, local, and family farmed products. “We Love to Farm and Produce Good Food!” This love of farming and producing premium quality poultry has led to a new collaboration with 5 of BC’s most celebrated chefs.

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Meet The Five Chefs

Alex Hon, Clement Chan, Connor Sperling, David Hawksworth, and Trevor Bird.

From Chicken Cacciatore to Roasted Goose, these celebrated chefs demonstrate how home cooks can achieve restaurant-quality poultry dishes for a true farm to table experience.

Alex Hon

Sous Chef, Toptable Group

“Cooking with local poultry means that it’s from close to home. And when a product doesn’t have to travel far, we know that we can get it as fresh as possible.”

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Clement Chan

Chef/Owner, Le Tigre and Torafuku

“I like using local poultry because of the quality. You can source it to the farm or to the supplier, and you can’t replace the quality. It’s juicy; it’s plump; it’s natural!”

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David Hawksworth

Chef/Owner, Hawksworth Restaurant, Nightingale, and Bel Café

“Getting local poultry, local produce is very important to what we do. I find that food tastes dramatically better if it has travelled less.”

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Trevor Bird

Chef/Owner, Fable Kitchen and Trevor Bird Catering

“The biggest misconception about cooking duck at home is that it’s hard, or that it’s too fancy when really, it’s so easy! Getting ingredients local just makes so much sense. You can always depend on Fraser Valley for amazing ducks. I’ve been using them for six years on my menu. I know what I’m going to get, and it’s always good!”

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Connor Sperling

Chef de Partier, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

“As a chef who’s born and raised in British Columbia, the farm I’m getting this poultry from is an hour drive from my restaurant. I know that the farmers are only one phone call away, and that’s important to me.”

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The Recipes

Learn to cook like the pros with recipes developed by five BC’s master chefs.

The five featured chefs highlight why they choose to cook with local poultry and how you can learn to cook poultry like them!


by Alex Hon

Sous Chef, Toptable Group

Alex Hon, Sous Chef at Toptable Group in Vancouver, and winner of the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship culinary competition in 2016, graduated from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts where he began his career. He supports sustainable products and maintains good relationships with local BC suppliers. Chef Hon is active on social media and created the hashtag #YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodChef to record his culinary journey.

About the Recipe:

“The idea behind this dish comes from trying to get the dark meat of the chicken soft and juicy like in the classic style of “coq au vin” while gently roasting the top “white meat” side of the bird. Classic garnishes and crusty bread. The reason I decided to do this dish is that whenever I get asked what someone should cook to impress someone I always say roasted chicken. You can’t go wrong with a solid roasted chicken! I believe that it is a dish that the viewers would actually make and it’s super tasty!”

– Alex Hon

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Chicken Cacciatore

by Clement Chan

Chef/Owner, Le Tigre and Torafuku

Clement Chan is the chef and owner of Le Tigre, a food truck that serves modern Asian cuisine all over Vancouver, and Torafuku, a modern fusion restaurant serving contemporary dishes of pan Asian flavours that are crafted with local ingredients sourced from local farms. Clement’s inspiration and cooking journey began with his grandma. He has worked at variety of notable restaurants in Vancouver, such as Hapa Izakaya, Chambar and Blue Water Cafe before opening his own food truck called Le Tigre Truck, which is well known for their fried chicken.

About the Recipe:

“This dish is chicken cacciatore in Italian, or they call it ‘hunter chicken’ in French. It wasn’t a dish that I grew up eating. It was a dish that my sous chef, when I was working at Blue Water, would made for staff meals. He still took time to make it, and it meant a lot more (to me) because he was my superior and I looked up to him.”

– Clement Chan

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Roasted Fraser Valley Goose, Poached Pear & Red Wine Jus, Autumn Vegetables

by David Hawksworth

Chef/Owner, Hawksworth Restaurant, Nightingale, and Bel Café

David Hawksworth is not only the owner of Hawksworth Restaurant but also the founder of Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Foundation – A Canadian non-profit culinary foundation created to recognize and inspire young Canadian chefs, whilst promoting professionalism and culinary excellence within the hospitality industry. Through its national annual competition, the scholarship program provides a platform for talented young chefs to get a head start through recognition, mentorship and an unparalleled opportunity to work in the country’s leading restaurants.

In 2005, Hawksworth partnered with Air Canada to feature his signature dishes exclusively on flights in International Business Class and in Maple Leaf Lounges.

About the Recipe:

“The inspiration behind this goose dish is, hopefully, that somebody on a Sunday can invite your family around and you can try something that is restaurant quality and fairly easy to replicate… I like cooking with goose because it’s got a unique richness to it. I love that crispy skin you get and I think it’s a great product.”

– David Hawksworth

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Whole Roasted Duck

by Trevor Bird

Chef/Owner, Fable Kitchen and Trevor Bird Catering

Trevor Bird has risen to his purpose and passion with two successful restaurants, Fable Kitchen and Fable Diner, an impressive list of international guest chef appearances and a two-time finalist on Top Chef Canada and Top Chef Canada All Stars.

With an obsession for cooking that began as a teenager, Trevor’s career has led him into such acclaimed kitchens as Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, and Vancouver’s Jean George’s MARKET etc…

About the Recipe:

“Cooking with poultry is probably one of my favorite things to do. It’s very versatile, and it’s actually easier than most people think it is to cook with. At Fable we do a lot of family style cooking, one of our most popular is whole duck. With the long slow roast and heavy basting of the duck, it makes for a nice sticky glaze that will impress.”

– Trevor Bird

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Roasted Squab With Chestnuts, Braised Treviso, Oven Roasted Beets and Granny Smith Apples

by Connor Sperling

Chef de Partier, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Connor Sperling, Chef de Partie at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in downtown Vancouver,  and winner of Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship culinary competition in 2017.

Connor started in the restaurant industry as a dish washer until he decided to further his career and enrolled into culinary school. He won the Culinary Arts Student of the Year Competition in 2013 and graduated from VCC Culinary Arts with top honours.

About the Recipe:

“The inspiration for my dish came from the season we’re in right now which is fall, one of my favorite times. I wanted to create a dish with squab, with the contrast of the richness and tenderness of the squab and its gaminess.  Squab is a young pigeon, domesticated and highly sought after. It is desired to be served med-rare, an optimal temperature to assure it will be tender and moist. It is important to allow the squab to sit out at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before cooking, and to allow the squab to rest after cooking.”

– Connor Sperling

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Kirby / Eating With Kirby

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry Collaboration – Recipe by Chef Trevor Bird

I chose to recreate the Whole Roasted Duck by Chef Trevor Bird because I’ve been eating duck all my life but I have never attempted to cook it myself at home. Chef Trevor Bird is an extremely well known chef (he was on Top Chef Canada and is the owner of the Fable restaurants and so when I saw that his name was attached to this recipe, I knew it was going to be good.

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Nancy /

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry Collaboration – Recipe by Chef Clement Chan

As the weather gets colder, I crave hearty, stew like dishes. Chicken Cacciatore is the perfect rustic poultry-vegetable ‘hunter’s stew.’ Making chicken cacciatore is super easy and it pairs great with rice, grains or pasta. And I love that it is filled with lots of delicious heirloom tomatoes. For this recipe, we’ve partnered with Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry (@fraservalleyspecialtypoultry), Buy BC (@eatdrinkbuybc) and Chef Clement Chan  of Torafuku (@clementkitchan) on a very special project called “Cook Poultry Like A Pro.”

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Laurie / Tea Latte

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry Collaboration – Recipe by Chef Connor Sperling

The Key to Cooking Poultry Like A Pro is to buy BC Poultry for the freshness and quality – just like the pros do! Buying local products not only supports our farmers, but it also saves our farms and protects our environment. Cook Poultry Like A Pro invites you to participate in their campaign by recreating chef dishes at home and also by voting for your favourite recipe to win prizes! Stay tuned for more details.

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Belinda / @raincity_eats

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry Collaboration – Recipe by Chef David Hawksworth

@fraservalleyspecialtypoultry has come together with a few of Vancouver’s favorite chefs to collaborate on the project: Cook Poultry Like A Pro. This project was launched to inspire creativity in the kitchen for us at-home chefs and to support local farms and the farmers that make sourcing locally possible. Buying from local farmers ensures for product freshness and quality, but it also reinvests money into our community’s agricultural system to maintain farmland and green open space – it’s good for business and the environment!

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Cook Poultry like a pro contest winner

The winner of our Cook Poultry Like a Pro draw is Bill Wu! Congratulations! Bill will receive a $200 certificate to his chosen restaurant. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our contest!


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