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Specializing in local chicken, duck, and Loong Kong chicken, we sell our own farm-fresh poultry. As a family owned and operated business, we love to support our community by teaming up with other local growers and producers to bring in quality products you will love to eat.

Our store is stocked with natural, high quality beef from Two Rivers in North Vancouver, artisanal cheeses, Portofino bakery, BC dairy, gourmet snacks, and custom-made chicken and duck products.

Weekly Specials & Features

Rotisserie Duck Legs Monday: Ready at 3pm. Plus all seniors receive 10% off their total purchase.
Tuesday: Take 10% off Birchwood Dairy milk and cream.
Wednesday: Grab a free coffee with your grocery store purchase.
Rotisserie Chicken Thursday: Rotisserie Chicken Day! Our own farm-fresh chicken, slow-roasted to perfection. Ready by 3pm every Thursday.
Friday: Take 10% off all frozen chicken parts.

4540 Simmons Road Chilliwack
BC, Canada
V2R 4R7

General Inquiry: 604-798-9044

Store Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8AM-6PM
Sat – Sun: 10AM-5PM

ready-to-cook duck legs

Take the Guesswork out of Cooking Duck!   

Make perfect duck legs every time. Introducing our brand-new product: ducks legs that are marinated and seasoned in an oven-safe bag. You can bake them from fresh or frozen, resulting in perfectly seasoned, fall-off-the-bone duck legs that work every time.

Flavours: Tuscan, Sweet and Spicy Thai, Honey Garlic, Zesty Orange Ginger, and Applewood Smoked BBQ.

Fraser Valley Special Poultry
Yarrow Meadows

Fresh, Local, Quality Poultry

FVSP Products Yarrow Meadow Products

Duck Fat Roast Potatoes

What you need to know

Please a crowd with accordion-shaped roasted potatoes that are soft on the inside, and crispy on top – all with the savoury taste of duck fat, rosemary, and sea salt. Grab some sour cream and green onions for dipping, and you have a side dish that looks great, and is very easy to make.

Featured Product

Duck - Our “Grade A” Pekin duck is raised without the use of antibiotics. It is perfect for roasting or barbecuing to get delicious, tender meat and crisp, buttery skin. We offer a variety of duck products including whole ducks and duck parts such as duck legs, wings, necks, and breasts.

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